News & Product Updates from S T Labs

Heavy Duty Cleaner with Greener Profile

Customers often seek a balance between cleaning strength and green/safety/compliance characteristics for industrial applications. With an increasing array of choices available in the marketplace, there is no need to sacrifice on either end.  In this post, we’re...

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Dry Film Lubricant for Advanced Applications

Dry-film lubricant coatings are very thin film coatings used when an ultra-low coefficient of friction is required. These coatings are highly effective and durable in low speed environments on a wide range of substrates, particularly when a non-oily, non-flammable,...

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Dimethyl Esters

Our ‘Green Solvent’ updates will focus on current alternatives to traditional solvents available in the marketplace. There is growing recognition for the various applications and economic viability of replacement solvents, at times making them a safe and practical...

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