We work with a lot of companies seeking replacement solvents in industrial cleaning applications. A request for an alternative solvent or material often originates from concerns about VOC content, biodegradability, or fumes and odor. We are also aware of the need to comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations at the federal and state level.

One of our most effective, safest, and compliant products is Sta-Sol ESS-2. This blend of non-regulated, non-VOC, non-corrosive, and non-flammable esters is useful as a paint stripper, general industrial hard surface or hand cleaner, and coatings solvent. Due to its non-hazardous profile, the product is not hazardous or toxic under SARA 302 and 313, non-reportable under CERCLA, and not regulated by the DOT.

Although certain adjustments would be necessary in using this solvent as a greener/safer replacement (whether in formulations or as an end use product), including longer evaporation times and less immediate strength when compared to acetone, ketones, toluene, etc., the general effectiveness is impressive and the blend can perform well as an efficient replacement in several applications.

If you’d like to learn more or would like a sample, please feel free to contact S T Labs here or call us at 877-785-2271.