About Our Company

Customized Product Solutions

S T Laboratories, Inc. applies over 40 years of experience in the specialty chemical industry to design and develop innovative products for industry partners.

We work with formulators and industrial end-users by providing formulation assistance, custom blending, and compounds used in advanced cleaning applications.

Surfactant Expertise

Specializing in surfactant chemistry, our goal is to make chemical processing more efficient by providing intermediate blends and surfactant packages.

We also develop proprietary surfactant ingredients for use in several market applications under our Sta-Mulse® line.

Alternative Solvent Systems

S T Labs is also a leader in creating alternative solvent systems for use in industrial cleaning and coating applications.

Our chemistry features unique blends of safer and environmentally preferable solvents that meet demanding performance requirements in formulations and end-use cleaning and resin removal applications.

Formulation Assistance & Product Development

S T Labs works with suppliers and concept marketers to design and manufacture proprietary formulations.

We have worked with companies in several market areas, including:

  • industrial and institutional cleaning
  • pharmaceutical and life sciences
  • marine industry
  • automotive products
  • energy and utilities
  • composites manufacturing
  • urethane foam manufacturing and fabrication
  • packaging, optical, electronic, food and beverage, and more.