Sta-Mulse® Surfactants

Surface Active Chemistry
We specialize in surface active chemistry, providing fundamental solutions focused on dispersion, emulsion, foaming, and wetting properties. Sta-Mulse® proprietary surfactant systems are customized for use as intermediates and formulating components for many applications.

Below is a list of recent Sta-Mulse® surfactant systems. This list is not exhaustive. If you do not see a product that fits your need, contact us and we will work with you to provide a surfactant system tailored to the particular requirements of your application.

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Amine Emulsifiers

Sta-Mulse® 59-G

Excellent surfactant for asphalt seal coat applications.

Sta-Mulse® BEXM

Based on an Alkyl Triamine, this product is used in a variety of industrial applications requiring high surface activities and cationic properties. Some applications include additives in petroleum, corrosion inhibitors, asphalt emulsifiers, pigment dispersants and protective coatings.

Sta-Mulse® T-8741

Unique surfactant system which performs as a“self-demulsifying” detergent and is extremely useful in truck wash applications.

Anionic Surfactants

Sta-Mulse® SDS-4

Anionic surfactant for use in industrial cleaners which offers excellent detergency, foaming, wetting and emulsification properties

Sta-Mulse® ALS-270

Anionic surfactant with unique corrosion inhibiting properties. This product also exhibits good detergency, controlled wetting, anti-redeposition and dispersant properties.

Sta-Mulse® L-10

Offering superior detergency, foaming, wetting and emulsification properties at an economical cost, this product is found in textile and paper processing applications, as well as all-purpose, heavy duty commercial and industrial cleaners requiring special surface active properties.

Sta-Mulse® 29N

Sodium octyl sulfate surfactant which can be used in combination with other surfactants to create large particle size latexes; may be used on many applications requiring anionic surfactants.

Non-ionic Surfactants

Sta-Mulse® LFN-5

Designed for applications requiring minimum foam levels, fast wetting, free rinsing characteristics, and excellent emulsification properties

Sta-Mulse® 630

Environmentally preferable alternative to Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates used to formulate Green Seal Certified formulations

Sta-Mulse® GMS SEAS

Versatile emulsifier that can be used either alone or in combination with other emulsifiers in a large variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams.

Sta-Mulse® FB 14

Patent pending product effective at boosting and stabilizing the foam profile of liquid hand dish washing products.

Sta-Mulse® LF Series

Low foam surfactants that provide ultra low foam, cost-effective cleaning, peroxide stability, and soil release properties. Excellent detergency and compatibility with other detergent components.

Sta-Mulse® 3167

Aqueous solution of ethoxylated tridecyl alcohol offering superior dispersing, wetting, and surface tension properties for pigment applications.

Amphoteric Surfactants

Sta-Mulse® HS-40

A highly efficient hydrotrope with excellent wetting properties. Foaming is low which makes it particularly useful for industrial cleaners.

Additional Surfactants

Sta-Mulse® D35X

Offers superior detergency, foaming, wetting and emulsification properties at an economical cost. Ideal as a dispersant in nonwoven applications. D35X is also used as an all purpose surfactant in HI&I cleaning compounds.

Sta-Mulse® DG 55

Designed to remove excess solvent and leave parts residue free upon rinse. Recommended concentration ranges from 20 – 60% concentration depending on the level of solvent load.

Sta-Mulse® TPD 25

Polymer dispersant with exceptional wetting and defoaming characteristics for companies in the thermoplastic composite industry.