Dry-film lubricant coatings are very thin film coatings used when an ultra-low coefficient of friction is required. These coatings are highly effective and durable in low speed environments on a wide range of substrates, particularly when a non-oily, non-flammable, and essentially clean application is desired.

We’ve worked with several companies to provide a dry film solution with ease of application in mind.

Sta-Lease™ Liquid 3 is a dry film PTFE lubricant delivering ultra-low surface tension benefits and excellent mold release properties. As Sta-Lease has a very low co-efficient of friction, ranging from  0.07 – 0.15, it can be ideal for use with leather, plastic, and elastomer belts, gaskets, packing, gears and bearings.

This product can be used on a wide-range of materials that require a “non-migrating” lubricant deposition.  Whether applied by spraying, dipping, painting or swabbing, a thin layer of dry film lubricant is deposited via an evaporative carrier fluid.  This form of dry film lubrication is also effective on machine components, such as mechanical fasteners, as well as on conveyors, cord, twine, rope and cable.

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