As a formulator and sourcing partner for large manufacturers in the HI&I sector, we are keenly aware of the need to develop products in accordance with established 3rd party certification standards. We have found that CleanGredients, a section of the non-profit group GreenBlue, is a valuable resource for formulators seeking label approval from the EPA’s partnership program with Design for the Environment (DfE).

DfE screens products against strict criteria focused on human and environmental health attributes. A product that has passed through their assessment process will earn the DfE label. End markets for some of these products include I&I cleaners, graffiti removal, coatings, inks, marine/aircraft cleaning, additives, and detergents. The program focuses on components of these products that are viable substitutes for previously used chemicals with less than desirable human and environmental health characteristics.

How can we help? S T Labs is familiar with the process of finding materials that have been pre-screened against DfE criteria, thus allowing for expedited approval and labeling of end use products. We work with raw material manufacturers to identify appropriate substitutes that have received CleanGredients recognition, and then with formulators to create effective alternatives with credible 3rd party certification. We also create products in our labs as a private label manufacturing partner or custom blender.

For more information about our experience and solutions in green formulating, please feel free to contact us.