Many industrial and commercial cleaning applications require low foam surfactants for optimal performance. There are unique properties in each low foam surfactant that may benefit a particular cleaning application, so we typically consult with the formulator on the best surfactant for their needs. General characteristics include detergent compatibility, cost-effective cleaning power, peroxide stability, and nonionic behavior.

Low foam surfactants can be used in a variety of detergent applications, including automatic dish washing, machine floor scrubbing, industrial and commercial laundry formulations, as well as in parts washing, spray washing, hard surface cleaning, and metal working fluids.

Our low foam surfactant series includes Sta-Mulse® 300 LFSta-Mulse® 500 LF,  and Sta-Mulse® 700 LF. We also develop cost-effective, optimized blends for different formulations and applications.

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